Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Nawa Management & HRD Consultants (Al Nawa) is recruitment and training firm with over 15 years of collective experience. Al Nawa is staffed by training and recruitment experts who provide end-to-end Human Resource solutions: sourcing and recruitment, executive search and business consultancy, and employee training and development. Al Nawa is a professional and reliable service-oriented company that services the growing HR needs of government and private sectors.

We have been awarded a tender from the Ministry of Manpower to provide Lecturers, Laboratory Technicians, and Secretaries for the technological colleges all over the Sultanate. We have also provided staff for the Ministry of National Economy and other private sectors such as banking, oil and gas, construction, food industries, etc.

Our Vision:
To become a Leading and Preferred Partner in our industry and a major player in each of our market segments and key geographical areas in:
Providing learning for developing people
Better solutions to realize our customer's business goals and objectives.

Our Mission:
 Committed to understand our customer business, concerns and needs, in order, to provide business, organizational and process & systems solutions which may contribute to creating value for our customers.
 Committed to promote effective learning environment, promoting quality culture and developing resource capabilities.
 Committed to develop and harness the intellectual capital of a capable, confident and committed workforce in order to realize performance improvement.

Our Values :

1) Core Values:
 Independence : As the bases for our professionalism
 Diversity : As a driving force for change
 Continuity: As a link between short and long term.
 Respect for Individuals: As foundation of human Professional relations.
 Honesty & Integrity: As a distinct ethical behavior to be truthful in words and actions.
 Quality: As a commitment to meet set standards and customer expectation.:
 Synergy: As a belief in a two way partnership with our clients, operating as their extension to create the desired synergy.
 Accountability & Responsibility: As the core feature of our commitment to stand by our actions.

2) Business Values:
 Customer Focus: As a commitment towards Shareholders, Suppliers, Society and Employees.
 Leadership: Provides Unity of Purpose, Direction & Internal environment.
 Involvement of people: Being the essence of the Organization, their full involvement enables using their abilities to the benefit of the organization.
 Process approach: Desired results are achieved more efficiently and effectively with a set of interrelated and interacted activities such as resources and controls when managed as a process to transform into outputs.
 System approach to management: Identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system, contributes to the organization effectiveness in achieving its objectives.
 Continual Improvement: The methodology of "Plan-Do-Check-Act" is a permanent objective of our organization.
 Factual approach to decision making: Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.
 Mutual beneficial supplier relationships: We and our suppliers and customers are interdependent, thus a mutual beneficial relationship enhances the ability of all to create value.

Our Services :

1) Consultancy: Al-Nawa offers a wide range of consultancy Services aimed to providing better solutions to realize our customer's business goals and objectives.

• Corporate Policies and Procedures' Manual :
We develop policies and procedures for different functional processes (Procurement, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Internal Audit, Personnel & Administration, HRD, Corporate Governance, IT Security, etc.). Policy Development Portfolio includes:

o Human Resources Policy & Procedures
o Training Policy & Procedures
o Administration Policy & Procedures
o Purchasing Policy & Procedures
o Finance & Audit Policy & Procedures

• Management Systems:
We assist our clients to implement management systems. We give training and help documenting the process as per the requirements of the standards. We guide

our client to get certified against these standards by a third party certification bodies. These may include:

ISO 9000 Quality Management System.
ISO 14000 Environmental Management System
ISO 17799/BS 7799 Information Security Management System.
OHSAS 1800 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

• Business Process Improvement:
Productivity Analysis & Improvement Studies.
Balanced Score Card
Risk Assessment
Business Continuity

• Our HR Consultancy Portfolio includes:
 Organizational Structure.
 Job Evaluation/Analysis.
 Job Descriptions
 Job Grading and compensation Policy
 Gap Analysis
 Succession Planning.
 Career Development
 Training needs Analysis (TNA).
 Performance Management System
 Compensation Survey
 Employee Perception Survey
 360 Degree Appraisal
 Competency Profiling/Mapping

2) Training & Educational Services: Al-Nawa also offers a wide range of training programs most of which are customized to our customers management and operational systems.
o Strategic Planning & Management.
o Balanced Score Card.
o Leadership Skills
o Risk Assessment
o Crises Management.
o HS&E
o KIZEN Approach to change management.
o Communication Skills
o Negotiation & Selling Skills
o HR Related Skills
o IT Related Skills
o Customer Service Skills
o Finance/Accounting/Auditing Skills.
o Banking/Financial Related Skills

3) Recruitment:
Al-Nawa offers a one point contact for our customers needs. We offer a complete solution to their requirements, from any country. Although we specialize in providing excellent qualified candidates in the middle management to senior executive levels, we offer our recruitment services in all categories to our project contracted as well as out-sourcing contracted customers. We source candidates through any combination of the following methods:

 Direct Applications
 Our Own Data Bank
 Advertisement
 Affiliated Overseas Associates
 Local Colleges and Training Institutions.
 Head Hunting of Senior Professionals.

4) Out sourcing Services:
We also provide our customers with wide range of out-sourcing services in the area of Recruitment, HR Management, IT functions and more. Al-Nawa may also depute its specialists to our customers premises to work as part as their team and under their supervision.

Al-Nawa can help its client in the area of installation of custom-made Computer programs. The mission of the IMS area is to support the operational and administrative areas in achieving quality, cost-effective services utilizing ‘state of the art’ information systems and communications.
HRM is a strategic approach to People Management which aims to enhance the performance of the organisation through its people. HRM Deliverables:

Range of services to achieve corporate goal
Recruit and retain competent & committed workforce
Develop the inherent skills and capacity of the people
Create a climate for people to perform to their maximum potential
Develop team spirit
Ensure people are valued and rewarded
Manage diverse workforce
Manage people with concern, fairness and transparency
Concern for the well being of the employees.

List of our Clients

• Ministry of Manpower
- Technical Colleges in Muscat, Shinas, Musanaa, Salalah,
• Ministry of National Economy
• International Gulf Development Company
• Moosa Abdul Rahman
• MHD ( Mohsin Haider Darwish )
• Oman Cables
• Oman Aviation
• Fair Trade Llc
• Modern Colour Printing Press Llc
• Microsoft Oman
• Al Hassan Group of Companies
• Suhail Bahwan Group
• Bank Dhofar
• Oman International Bank

Our Affiliates in :

Sri Lanka

Our Competitive Edge:
Nearly 15 years of experience – since 1991
Based on their request, we Conduct need analysis for our clients to ensure that our service is tailored to meet their needs. We know that the customer knows his business better, therefore we discuss with him to determine what kind of employees does his organization needs.
We believe in a two way partnership with our clients and operate as an extension of our clients business. We bring our access, network and experience with our client's resources to get the most effective recruiting process.
Our team of professionals scrutinizes applications, trade test the applicants and subject them to an aptitude test in order to ascertain their aptitude to fit into our client's organizational setup.